Thursday Fixtures

Week 6 – Thursday 19th March 2020


Bramble Inter Ya Mam 7.30
White Cottage Inter Joes Da 6.30
#Who’s The Boys OAP Utd 8.30
Five Guys Fc Ballerz 8.00
No Legs FC FC Paulo 8.30


Petr Cech Your Pants Jimmy Floyd Bottle Bank 6.30
Eagle Roofing FMG FC 7.30
Smell My Cheese Kroos Control 7.30
Team Callum Largentina 6.30
Only Here For The Beer Ivory Toast 8.30

League One

Largentina Inter Ya Mam 7.00
White Cottage *NEW – Maroon 5 7.00
No legs Fc #Who’s The Boys 8.00
Inter Joes Da Eagle Roofing 7.00
Smell My Cheese OAP 8.00