FAQ – Leagues

How many subs can we have?

Each team can have a maximum of 3 roll on subs. Just let the referee know when subbing. 


Do we need matching kit?

New teams are given 2 weeks to gather matching shirts, if teams play with non matching shirts after this point  they begin the match 2 goals behind. 


Can we play more than one game?

Sure! *Depending on league availibility 2nd teams on the same night are charged at £16.50 Per game. Your games will be played directly one after the other. 


Where can we see fixtures?

Fixtures are shown in the ‘Players Lounge’ at the top of our page a week in advance, a text is also sent to the team manager on the day of your fixture.

What happens if we can make it one week?

Your team will receive 0 points and the following week 2 games are require to be paid for. 


How long is each season?

Season lengths varies on the night played. For example Mondays are a 14 week season. For weeks left please check in the ‘Players Lounge’ or ask a member of staff?

Can we request kick off times?

Although we can try our best to adhere to kick off requests sometimes it’s just not possible.