FAQ – Inflatable Planet

How long is each session?

Sessions are for 1 hour although if were not too busy and you wish to stay a little longer we’ll try to squeeze you in! 


Do I need to book online?

To guarantee your space we’d recommend booking online in advance however you can pay and play at the door.


Are you open in school holidays?

At the moment we are open Saturdays and Sundays throughout the school holidays but please bare with us we have scope for more!


Do you have a separate under 5’s session?

It’s on our To Do List! We’d love for you to enjoy inflatable planet as much as we do, we’re working on a Friday afternoon ‘Parent and Toddler’ sessions. 


Who owns Inflatable Planet?

US!! We’ve recently purchased the franchise as we want to make the whole experience more streamlined! 


Do you do parties?

YES! Please look on our ‘Inflatable Planet’ or ‘Parties’ link for more details! 


Are there any age restrictions?

All ages are welcome! Under 5’s must be accompanied by an adult! (But remember Adults play for free *Socks required)


Is the game area supervised?

We have experienced crew on site to monitor the inflatables and general play. We ask parents/guardians to play and take an active role in looking after their children. 

Do I have to wear socks?

Yes. Every person that enters the Game Area must wear Inflatable Planet socks. If you don’t already have a pair they are available for £2 and you can take them home and use them when you visit again.